Tuya Smart vacancy 2022 in APAC – Senior Business Development Manager(Asia-Pacific)

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About the job


1. 负责亚太市场(esp. 印尼、泰国、越南)的软硬件解决方案的战略制定与执行;

2. 智慧行业解决方案(智慧工业/智慧酒店/智慧园区/智慧商照/智慧楼宇等)针对大客户商务拓展的策略制定与执行;

3. 开拓及深耕亚太市场,拓展当地渠道商/品牌商/分销商/零售商等资源,达成推广和业务目标;

4. 整合平台资源,与亚太当地市场标杆客户达成合作,提升公司市场竞争力和行业影响力;

5. 赋能合作伙伴IoT转型与能力提升;

6. 优化客户结构,建设丰富的客户阵列,实现客户满意和客户忠诚;

7. 制定客户经营计划,达成销售业绩目标。

1. Responsible for the strategy formulation and execution of software and hardware solutions in

Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam;

2. Business development strategies of Smart industry solutions (smart industry/smart hotels/smart parks/smart commercial lighting/smart buildings, etc.) formulation and implementation for key customers;

3. Develop and deepen the Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam market, expand local channel dealers/brands/distributorsetailers and other resources to achieve promotion and business goals;

4. Integrate platform resources and reach cooperation with benchmark customers in Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam to enhance the company’s market competitiveness and industry influence;

5. Empower partners to transform IoT and improve their capabilities;

6. Optimize the customer structure, build a rich customer array, and achieve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty;

7. Develop customer business plans to achieve sales performance goals.


s1. 具备良好的商务拓展能力、组织协调能力、商业洞察能力

;2. 熟悉云计算、大数据、物联网、人工智能、智能制造、智能硬件等基本概念和产业环境

;3. 有IoT平台经验,服务过亚太地区大客户和落地标杆性项目经验者优先

;4. 有较强的学习及适应能力,对云业务有浓厚兴趣,有强烈的目标感

。1. Have good business development ability, organizational coordination ability, and business insight ability

;2. Familiar with basic concepts and industrial environments of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent hardware

;3. Candidates that have experience in IoT platform, and experience in serving major customers in [Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam] and landing benchmarking projects are preferred

;4. Have strong learning and adaptability and strong sense of purpose


Company: Tuya Smart

Vacancy Type: Full-time · Mid-Senior level

Job Location:  APAC

Application Deadline: N/A

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