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About This Role

As an integral part of Belle, the Operations Manager plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing home care by overseeing the meticulous coordination of staffing and appointments. Tasked with managing the delicate balance of supply and demand, the Operations Manager oversees Operations Supervisors to ensure effective hiring and scheduling of Belle Technicians, thereby safeguarding the mobility and well-being of millions of seniors served by our proprietary foot care service. With a commitment to budgetary precision, resource optimization, and fostering a collaborative culture, the Operations Manager is instrumental in shaping the success of Belle’s mission to unite people and their care through joy.


  • 1. Supply and Demand Management:
  • Own the process of matching staffing (supply) to appointment projections (demand) within 120% accuracy.
  • Manage and provide Operations Supervisors (OS) with clear directives for hiring and scheduling Belle Technicians (BTs) to meet market demand effectively.
  • 2. Market-Specific Needs:
  • Collaborate 1:1 with OS to determine the specific needs of each market within the region.
  • Manage BT coverage areas to minimize drive times
  • Assess the necessity for a float BT to support time-off coverage and address low member density in certain geographies.
  • 3. Budget Ownership:
  • Manage the regional budget, ensuring financial decisions align with company objectives.
  • Make sound financial decisions related to hiring, engagement spend, mileage reimbursement, and equipment fulfillment for BTs.
  • 4. Equipment and Resource Management:
  • Focus on ensuring BTs receive sufficient equipment each month to fulfill their appointments without exceeding 120% surplus.
  • Collaborate with relevant departments to address equipment needs and optimize resource allocation.
  • 5. Reporting and Metrics:
  • Report on weekly regional metrics, including financial spend, staffing supply, and other relevant key performance indicators.
  • Utilize data to make informed decisions and continuously improve operational efficiency.
  • 6. Collaboration with People Operations:
  • Work closely with the People Operations department to address market-specific recruitment needs.
  • Collaborate on learning and delivery strategies to enhance the skills and knowledge of the BT team.
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