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About the job

Company Overview

Delphis Eco is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly cleaning products and proudly holds two Royal Warrants. In 2018, Delphis Eco became a B-Corp and was the first in its sector to achieve DEFRA (EU Ecolab) accreditation for the largest certified range.

Delphis Eco has brought an unrivalled standard of eco-professional cleanliness to both B2B and B2cmarkets for the past decade. With customers like Wagamama, Sky, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Amazon – to name a few.

A UK-First, Delphis Eco’s bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. To do so, Delphis Eco uses recycled plastic milk bottles, diverting thousands of tonnes of plastic from going into landfills and the ocean.


We all have a responsibility to live more sustainably, and our products give everybody the ability to help. We are uncompromising in everything that we do from the most ecological formulations to the world’s most environmentally friendly packaging to our passion to educate people to live more sustainable lives.


Our Vision is to create and market the world’s most ecological yet effective cleaning products to both commercial and domestic users. Safer for the user, where they clean, and the environment. Make great products, help save the world, give formidable customer service.

Role Overview

We are growing and expanding our teams again and are looking for a creative problem-solving thinker and achiever. Working with both our in-house and external marketing teams you will be implementing our brand and vision over multiple prints and digital platforms. Working with all departments both retail and corporate plus Social Enterprise.


Duties and responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

● Working in both digital and print media

● Designing everything from the label on our bottles to the curtains on our trucks.

● Including our print and digital media from sales brochures to the website and other social media content design

● Working with the Marketing department in developing and maintaining the brand identity

● Using industry software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to create visual designs and Shopify and other eCommerce platforms.

● Creating Photoshop Design Files (PSDs) for visual layout of web pages and converting designs into HTML and CSS

● Understanding and interpreting job briefs.

● Present draft designs for feedback.

● Collaborating with creative colleagues such as copywriters and social media experts.

● Ensuring that design work is aligned with other methods of communication.

● Working on a range of design pieces, from social media posts to packaging design and full-scale branding projects.

● Taking a key role in the design and layout of a website.

● Collaborating with other teams to meet company-wide targets.

● Using web content management systems.

● Implementing and maintaining high-quality SEO policies and incorporating them with web content.

● Responding to reports of technical problems and collaborating with the team to fix them quickly.

● Consulting with Copywriters, Graphic Designers, and Developers to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

Skills & Experience

● Working knowledge of a range of software, hardware, and operating systems

● Excellent diligence

● A flexible approach and a willingness to accept feedback and incorporate it into their designs

● An understanding of the key principles of branding

● An understanding of colour theory

● Knowledge of user experience best practices

● The ability to manage time and multiple jobs at once

● Ability to work alone as well as a key member of a team

● Understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript

● Basic knowledge of web programming and scripting languages

● Proficient skills in web design applications e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver

● A creative and imaginative mindset

● Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

● Good communication and ability to work with deadlines

● An understanding of SEO and SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions)

Above all you will need to be:

Entrepreneurial – your enthusiasm for what we do, combined with a resourceful and proactive approach to winning business will help you meet and exceed your targets

Driven and highly motivated – Want to roll your sleeves up, ability to think outside the box, achieve results, and take full ownership of your accounts

Confident – you must be self-assured, able to work in a small fast-paced growing business, assertive and competent, demonstrating an excellent knowledge of our products, sales material, and your market

Personable – you will need strong communication skills: excellent command of the English language, can talk to CEOs and cleaners with the same ease, and the ability to listen as well as present in meetings, data training, and product demonstrations

Eco-friendly! – you must share our passion for people and the planet

At Delphis Eco we are committed to a leading role in promoting equal opportunities and valuing diversity and inclusion. We seek to create a work environment based on mutual respect for all individuals, building a culture that appreciates and values the experiences and skills brought by each person to benefit our organisation and work hard to ensure that all people, whatever their race, colour, sex, gender identity disability, nationality, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief, marital/partnership or family status, sexual orientation, age, social class, educational background, employment status, working pattern, are welcome to and included within our organisation.

Company: Delphis Eco

Vacancy Type: Full-time

Job Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Application Deadline: N/A

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