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Top Duties and Qualifications A Data Entry Clerk, or Data Entry Specialist, is responsible for inputting data and making changes to existing data figures in digital databases. Their duties include inputting data from paper documents into digital spreadsheets, updating order statuses for customers and double-checking their work to make sure they inputted data correctly.

Data Entry Clerk Job Duties and Responsibilities Transfer data from hard copy to a digital database. Update customer information in a database. Organize existing data in a spreadsheet. Verify outdated data and make any necessary changes to records. Data Entry Clerk Skills and Qualifications Organization: Data Entry Clerks will need strongly developed organizational skills. They are often in charge of transferring and updating information and minimal errors can impact the entire business. Computer skills: Data Entry Clerks will spend the majority of their workday on the computer. Skills in typing and Microsoft Office programs will be useful in the Data Entry Clerk role. Customer service: Data Entry Clerks may need to communicate with customers to update information, depending on the role. The ability to clearly and efficiently communicate and retrieve important information to update records is required. Project management: Project management skills will assist the Data Entry Clerk in managing multiple projects at one time. A Data Entry Clerk may need to quickly shift from one project to another, and the ability to maintainaccuracy is important. Education

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Hartsville, SC
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