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About the job

I’m looking for three people to join my team as interns for the summer. Specifically, we want a Writer, a Production Assistant and a YouTube Assistant to join our team for 6-8 weeks and work closely with my team.

You’ll be helping create content that hopefully inspires, educates, motivates (and sometimes even entertains lol) lots of people all around the world.

This is the perfect role if you’re hungry to learn and grow. There’s no bureaucratic paperwork or super-long protocols to follow.

You’ll wear multiple hats, and have lots of freedom and creative control to hopefully impact millions of people.

Location – Central London, UK

Pay – £2,500

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Video Production – Assisting Gordon, our videographer, with everything related to filming and producing our videos across all our channels and platforms. This includes YouTube videos, podcast recordings, social media content, vlogs and more. So you’ll be helping produce content that reaches (and impacts) millions of people. This might also involve some travelling depending on where we’re filming or where Ali needs to be.
  • Course Production – Assisting with the production of courses. We film courses / online classes / other stuff on average once a month and so we’re likely to be filming at least one course during your 6 weeks with us. For the courses, we want the production-value to be levelled up beyond what it is on the YouTube channel (think Masterclass). You’ll need to help Gordon organise logistics, call sheets, equipment and direct the rest of the team on the day of filming to make sure we get this Masterclass quality of production.
  • Editing – You won’t just be a videographer. We’ll need you to do some editing too and you could even edit Ali’s Procrastination Diaries that are released once a week on the Second Channel.
  • Skill Development – You won’t just be a runner. We’re keen to develop your skills and give you responsibility so you’ll be the one behind the camera for some filming and you’ll also be tasked with getting extra footage for videos like B-Roll that we might need for a YouTube video for example.
  • Personal Project – You won’t just be working on my current stuff. We want to give you the opportunity to develop your own idea for a new project or direction for the business which you’ll have the chance to pitch at the end of the internship. This could be related to YouTube or something else in the company. We’re all ears.


What Skills Would Help?

  • Ability to use a camera. Sounds obvious I know but we want someone with some experience in using cameras, working as a videographer or pursuing a relevant degree. You don’t need to be an expert videographer by any means but some experience is necessary to really get the most out of the 6 weeks with us.
  • Ability to use programmes such as Photoshop, Lightroom and at least one editing software (e.g FCP, Premiere, DaVinci) are really helpful. We can help develop these skills when you’re here but it’d be good if you’ve got a working knowledge of them before you start.
  • Interest in pursuing a career in videography / film / creative sector. We’re really looking to help people on their path to becoming a videographer, film maker or creator. This isn’t a role for those looking for a summer job and aren’t interested in taking this further.
  • Actually being interested in the content we create. If you’re interested in the content that we make then you’ll be a good fit. If you don’t watch or listen to any of our stuff, then it’s probably not for you.

Key Competencies

  • You’ve seen, read and heard enough of my content to understand the strategy, tone and style of the company.
  • You’re able to thrive in an ambiguous, fast-paced and flexible environment with a high degree of autonomy.
  • You’re able to work to shared deadlines and have content ready to publish when it’s needed, always looking to stay ahead of the game.
  • You’re able to work effectively in a team environment. We want people who are collaborative rather than competitive.
  • You’re keen to learn – these roles are incredibly competitive and we want to reward those who are eager to learn.
  • You’re able to use your initiative to suggest new directions or projects for the business.
  • You’re focussed on providing value to our community on whatever platform you’re creating content on.
  • You’re able to keep it real. We don’t do gossip or bullsh*t. Honesty and integrity are key in our business.
  • You’re able to have fun. You’ll be part of a team making videos and courses on the internet to help people. It doesn’t get much better tbh so if you can’t have fun then this role’s probably not for you.
  • Finally, you need to be based in the UK, with the right to work in the UK, and able to work from our Central London office at least a few times per week.


About the Team

Our mission is to create inspirational and educational content that helps people do more of what matters to them. In 4 years, the YouTube channel’s grown to 2M subscribers, with hundreds of thousands of followers on out other platforms. Our content aims to help people be more productive, learn better, become financially independent, and generally live happier, healthier lives.

The medium-term aim is to continue to make more content, make it really good, and put it out for free across our social platforms. Our paid online courses fund our business operations, and help us create (hopefully) world-class free content. I’m also in the process of writing a book, which will hopefully be published mid-2023, and if it’s a banger, it’ll hopefully take our business to the next proverbial level. We’re also launching a new podcast (similar to Tim Ferriss / Impact Theory) where we interview inspiring people about how they got to where they are + how they find joy and fulfilment in their work and life.

You’ll be joining a small(ish), dynamic, friendly team who don’t believe in red tape and try our best to have fun every day.

Perks of the Job

🌎 Impact – Your work will be seen by millions of people around the world, and hopefully impact them in a positive way.

🧠 Ownership – If you’ve got fun or interesting ideas that align with business goals, you’ll have free reign to make them happen without having to wade through red tape.

💩 Not Bullshit – Over 70% of Americans apparently think their jobs are meaningless and don’t actually impact society. This hopefully won’t be one of those.

Company: Ali Abdaal Ltd

Vacancy Type: Internship · Internship

Job Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Application Deadline: N/A

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