ROBIONICS careers 2022 in United Kingdom – Senior sales BROKER Executive/Associate Director of sales

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About the job

Senior Sales BROKER Executive & Associate DIRECTOR of sales

ROBIONICS,, is a CAMBRIDGE based high tech computing “consultancy startup” with a world vision set up on ethos of achieving excellence and that people come first (i.e. previously a well established innovation based research interest group) providing cutting edge “Al-based”(artificial intelligence)/ML” software solutions/designs/development”, running in close collaboration with top experts of this university town.


You must definitely have a minimum of 3 years experience “in form of” truly very “strong” trusted connections(i.e. high-level officials) plus having achieved true recognition within “at least” one single industry particularly of Europe or USA.

of the role:

Once you’ve joined us then you’ll look for tenders or use your good high valued contacts “deep inside” your very specific familiar/friended trusted industry to secure the contracts for us so by brokering with your contacts within “your specialist Market target area”, you would be able to persuade/convince them, to offer you the contract for us, on our behalf.

Generally as a professional Sales broker you need to truly be in touch with ins and outs of at least one single industry/company, “useful to us”, and have or be able to seek out the contracts /via your highly trusted executive’s contacts in the specific company/industry possessing 2 very important properties given below:

one in which you can confidently strike and manage serious professional relationships with the top executives and make a highly trusting and truly reliable solid connection.

An industry that produces a considerable amount of data but have problems making sense of or have problems in controlling/forcing the same data(particularly the ones showing up different every time in system runs)into doing an specific tasks/designs/structure via some solutions.


With us you would be selling our services which are a combination of software design/solutions containing some very smart maths which means you’re basically using your well established strong relationship with your connections to make a sell in this way rather than any other way.


The kick off starts with a hugely massive commission-only pay but then immediately(after closing in 1st-contract) a flexible daul monthly pay plus commission is negotiated generously and satisfactorily befitting your abilities and hard work at all times.


_You are given a grandly “all” inclusive substantial commission on any contract/project closed.

_You are given the option to work remotely at a place or time of your choosing.

_You are given the opportunity of promotion to the head of sales by taking the right steps.

_You are given full support with providing you the key information required as engaged.

_You would be offered an advanced achievement Award of excellence on
producing superb professional work which is unique to you and the geographic location focused.

_You would be offered strong recommendations for your membership of any internationally renowned professional organisations of your choice.

_You would be offered to enjoy automatic access to our other sister companies.

_You would be given the opportunity to try accessing our uniqu supreme Gold promotion and possible financial rewards.

_You would be offered a huge special starter bonus package of an extra additional commission over and above the offered norm for just producing your first deal for us.

_You can also achieve our unique special STAR supreme privileges specifically tailored to your progress depending on how committed and forward ahead you have become, compared to others, for us and our goals.

_As a high ranking personnel who has achieved superb performance standards you would automatically be offered to apply for our International global club membership which is a truly exceptional gate way to a huge list of opportunities and possibilities.


Vacancy Type: 1-10 employees

Job Location: United Kingdom

Application Deadline: N/A

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